Global Experience, Research, Education


Over the past 17 years, Sophia has interviewed and worked with more than 300 entrepreneurs and a thousand students, researching entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and networking.

The aim on the research findings is to fill a communication gap between generations, cultures and genders.

This experience and knowledge helps Sophia understand strategies to build better stakeholder relationships, and personal relationships.

She has worked in Business Operations, Teaching and Education Management, Human Resources, Public Relations and Program Management, International Business and Journalism.


In her teenage years Sophia worked as a special program manager at the most multicultural high school in Norway (62 nationalities). Originally, the aim was to teach English as a second language and culturally integrate children of war for a better life in Norway. However, teaching a group of children from 10 different countries and languages, all with no written language of their own, limited vocabulary and with severe mental disorders, proved an interesting challenge that brought upon sharpened listening skills, ability to read people and build connection without spoken language, and understanding of different cultural perspectives.

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Public Speaking and Publications

Sophia has presented at many events including University of Technology Sydney Information Day’s, Australian National University Leadership Conference, Gateway Colleges / University of Sydney Networking Workshops, IEN Education Agents, DH Recruiting, & The Education Abroad Network Career Planning Workshops and Internship Orientations.

Her work is well received and featured in UWS Student Magazine, iStudent Magazine, Nordstrand Blad (Norway), and Radio Adelaides Gen Y programs as well as her own blogs on this site and the Dream Internship site.

Varied Recognised Qualifications

Sophia has a an extensive and varied education background including;

  • EF English Language School  (Malta),
  • Diploma in Fine Arts (Norway),
  • Certificate of Philosophy & Social Science (Bali, UiO),
  • Psychology Introduction (Norway and Australia),
  • Interior Design Introduction (NKI, Norway),
  • Bachelor of Communications Journalism (UWS, Australia),
  • 1st Class Honours research in Corporate Communication with an entry to PhD (UTS Australia),
  • 2 industry business courses (Australia),
  • several courses on Cultural and Aboriginal Studies (Norway, Indonesia, Australia),
  • International Education Workshops (Norway, Australia),
  • Master of Business Management (UTS, Australia).

Speaking 5 languages has increased Sophia’s communication and people skills including effective and creative thinking, negotiation and problem solving, cross-cultural communication and counselling, and empathy in dealing with colleagues and clients.

Global Achievements

Sophia has a proven track record as a versatile and skilled sales professional with leadership qualities;

  • experience with project coordination, strategic planning, and team training and supervision.
  • She has doubled staff and contractors (40+),
  • attained best ever ROI on national targets and maxed KPIs,
  • started and managed innovative program delivery at recognised education institutions;
  • extensive experience building relationships for large and small organisations on a global level as well as for clients world wide.
  • In addition, Sophia has assisted and lead the creation and improvement of more than 10 small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

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