Copy and Content Writer

Captivating Copywriting – Look here!

The ability to write compelling, engaging, interesting copy that really sells a product, is a competitive skill. Todays modern marketplace expect you to provide contextually relevant online content that inform, entertain, or resolve.

I can help you communicate your message in various  ways:

  • Branding documents and tone of voice style guides.
  • Websites.
  • Online content and blog posts.
  • Video scripts.
  • Print and press advertisements.
  • Online advertising campaigns.
  • Emails and newsletters.
  • Mobile advertising campaigns.
  • Press releases.
  • DM pieces.
  • Brochures and sales documentation.
  • Event pieces.

I specialise in four core areas:

  • Online copywriting – creating clever, compelling online copy that sell your brand and engage your cusomters.
  • Newsletter copy – copy that has been especially written to appeal to your target audience. It’s informative, relevant, up to date, designed to suit call to action consumer behaviour.
  • Biography and Job Descriptions – copy that describes people and their specialty fields, suitable for finding suitable staff for available jobs, accurate biographies to describe staffs responsibilities or profiles and biographies that bring across the right message (LinkedIn profiles that help people be found by companies and companies find people)
  • Personal Profiles and Job Hunting Strategy – communication strategy to help people find work and present themselves in the best possible way.

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