Education Program Manager

Program Managers (PM) are in high demand because of their expertise in maximizing efficiency and profitability. Combining finance, technology, analysis and organizational skills, PM professionals help businesses compete and succeed in today’s complex modern economy. The best PM’s have a Master in Business, Communication, and/or Management in addition to courses in Business and/or Project Management.

Sophia has a BC Communications, BC Corporate Communications 1st Grade Hons, Master Business Management, and several courses in Project Management, Education Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Cultural Diversity, and 17 years work experiences across all fields.

Education Program Managers Arrange Education Programs and Events:

  • preparing content,
  • promoting the programs and events,
  • hosting and delivering the programs and events, and
  • improving the overall process.

It requires insight into consumer behaviour, high level interpersonal communication, and business know how – as well as knowledge of how to manage education events and content.

Education Program Managers work on a wide variety of tasks:

  • account management;
  • supervision of employees and external consultants;
  • handling daily staff assignments;
  • planning and administering budgets;
  • controlling income and revenue;
  • tracking program expenses.

When directing focused programs, such as strategic planning, a PM might be involved in:

  • analysing the business’s activities, expenses and profits;
  • establishing goals;
  • communicating the strategy throughout the organization.

Some PM’s often specialise in leading teams through:

  • formulation and execution of program plans, strategies and functions;
  • directing, defining and coordinating program issues
  • establishing objectives, developing requirements, planning schedules and estimating costs.

Some PM’s may also:

  • review proposals, negotiate contracts, monitor technical issues;
  • prepare reports;
  • supervise staff, as well, using knowledge of organizational development to lead teams toward reaching goals.

Salary requirements fall between AUD $111K and AUD 255K per annum.

Hourly rates, no less than AUD $120.



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