Relationship Manager

Relationship Managers work to create, improve and maintain stakeholder relationships.

This modern practice combines working models from fields such as human resource management, coaching and mentoring, public relations, and education. It focuses on three main relationships;

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All fields share the common goal of facilitating effective relationships such that the business or individual maximizes the value of their relationships and maintain a good reputation over all.

Relationships have traditionally been regarded as an intangible aspect of business that was inherently difficult to assess or manage. Relationship Managers are part of a movement that seeks to use a scientific approach to gain greater control over business and personal relationships. Relationship Managers seek to define, quantify and analyze relationships so that they are not left u up to chance.

Outline of Responsibilities:

  • Connect with new or prospective stakeholders
  • Connect more closely with current stakeholders
  • Write or clarify a business or personal vision and goals, and allign them between, the organisation, it’s staff, any or all stakeholders
  • Write and clarify communication and business developement strategies
  • Consult on business management issues
  • Mentor private people, staff, managers, CEO’s
  • Create communications material and content such as process maps, customer relationship folders, work books, presentations, brochures and fliers.
  • Talking to and assisting customers with issues
  • Ensure excellent customer service initiatives, strategies and methods, and assure that team members are aware of current practices.
  • Sales management, sales and marketing planning as needed, prepare direct marketing material
  • Foster community and client relations initiatives to build the organisations community (also online)
  • Foster community and client relations initiatives to build the organisations
  • Creating and maintaining updating information
  • Communicate with the internal team and management
  • Consult on important issues in times of crisis

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