Network Your Way to Work

If you are an international student that is just entering the Australian job market and you want to make a big splash in your marketplace as fast as you can, and get people to headhunt you, this tip sheet is for you.

No more floundering around hoping to get a phone call from someone you don’t even know.

Instead, use this great networking technique to take your idea to a group of instant employers.

Read on to join the movement of creative people that get tons of job offers on minimal effort.

It is possible to get a job with almost zero self marketing through your resume and cover letter?

If you build your confidence level and learn how to present yourself well, then you can accomplish great things with networking.

I bet you are wondering about where and how you can network?! Through an internship! Your Host Company will have a massive network and so do we. If you put your mind to meeting potential employers, you will.

You will not only need to build your own list of potential employers , but you also need to build a network of like-minded interns or students that are willing to work with you.

Best thing is, you already have us and we will find you a Host Company, so I guess we found a solution to that problem fast eh?!

If the Host Company where you do your internship is unable to hire you, they may know of several other people that need someone with exactly your skills, and, if you have worked hard and showed them what you are good for, then you are two steps ahead.

The referral and references is the most powerful form of selling you can have in a competitive market. All you have to make sure of is that you live up to the expectations of yourself, us, and your Host Company. Easy huh?!

You would be surprised with the opportunities that open up when you start working on yourself.

Good references are key! If you want to learn how to go about this, book in to one of our workshops:

Until next time,

Sophia Demetriades


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