Who am I?

By Sophia Demetriades


Sometimes I wonder what I’m supposed to do and who I am meant to be. 

I spend my time helping others find their path and purpose, and even though that’s an awesome journey, I only just realised what I actually do for people through a series of in depth interviews and the feedback was pleasing:  ‘you listened to me, and then spent your time helping me get what was important to me.’

Whilst I was wondering if I was doing something meaningful, people around me found meaning in me listening to their stories, and that’s awesome because I love stories and I love working with people. Thank you to everyone who shared this with me, it’s made me feel important.

Year of Growth
Last year was Dream Internship’s third year in business and thus our year of growth. My agents, staff and I spent the year growing our relationships and focussing on the people around us. For three years my focus has been to build healthy relationships and eliminate toxic ones. Last January, I published my promise to spend 2012 helping others be awesome, and the result is that I feel more awesome now than ever before.

I have also been working as a Business Consultant (Relationship Manager) whilst re-writing my thesis on SMB & Corporate Management & Communication into a book (Publish mid 2013). With one foot in academia and the other in industry, hard work and nurture has really paid off, because now we can continue to help other’s build their relationships, be it between businesses, business to customers, between professionals or personally.

To help you better understand who I am and what I do, please read on here

I am a Relationship Manager who work to create, improve and maintain relationships with the aim to develop more effective people and organisations.

This modern practice combines working models from fields such as human resource management, coaching and mentoring, public relations,  education, and entrepreneurship. It focuses on three main relationships including Business, Customer, and Interpersonal Relationship Management.

I own two international consultancies that leverage off each other

1. Dream Internship (DIA), is a global consultancy that connect people & organisations through customised mentoring and internship programs.

2. Dream Relations focus on building business systems around people and their values, where open two-way symmetrical communication in Public Relations is the ideal.

For more information visit    www.sophiademetriades.com     www.dreaminternship.com                                                                                             –                                        Sophia Demetriades Facebook    Dream Internship Facebook

Let’s Succeed Together
You need a high level of awareness and effort to build more effective people and organisations. Once you have spent the time to understand yourself and what you are doing, you need to explain it others, sometimes several times. The essential factors in success are always found together, and I hope we can build on our successful collaboration.

Thank you!


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