A New Vision For Our Future

How do we facilitate change, and restore and empower the individual?

  • Once someone is happily employed and feel valued, they experience self-actualization.
  • Humans interpret the world based on their environment and experience.
  • Once negative experience in ones un-chosen environment is healed from human memory, and choice is restored, humans are able to live in the present and look towards the future.
  • This starts with an encouraging vision for the future.
  • We need to dream our future out loud and solidify our dreams.
  • Then we must believe in our own and others dreams, and create a reality based on our values and beliefs.
  • This way we deliver our future in a way we could only dream of.

“I hope I inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that a vast majority of people come home at the end of the day fulfilled and thus make better people. And when we are better people, driven by what fulfills us, there is a better chance we will care about each other and have more fun” (Demetriades 2011).

I have created a framework (new solution to old problem) that explores three disruptive industries; technology, education and human resources, affected by a fourth industry as entrepreneurship.

  1. Technology is changing the world

It goes without saying that technology is changing the way we do things. Information is becoming more accessible (to some) and we have moved from the industrial age to the knowledge worker age. What brought success in one economic age will not lead to it in the next, and we are now shifting the focus to release, transform and empower the people behind the business rather than focussing on transactions, machines and increased productivity. Whereas the most valuable asset in the 20th century was production equipment, the most valuable asset in the 21st century will be knowledge sharing, and knowledge workers and their productivity. Technology is the knowledge workers tool.

2. The Education industry is changing

The education industry has turned into big business over the last few decades, yet the coming generations seem to have new and more ethical ideas for business. Although the global landscape   has been quite rough with war, it might have softened behind the scenes and we are moving in the right direction, forward. Entrepreneurship is blooming and especially social entrepreneurship and alternative education institutions. The CEO’s of tomorrow will drive ‘the school as a business unit’ back to its core values of education. We may see that the university will return to its origin where small groups or student teacher relationships become the norm. Imagine the early days of Plato and Aristotle, walking through the university hall in Athens, depicting the true meaning of university, designed for advanced learning for people as part of ‘the whole’, or ‘the society’. You can have a degree without having an education, and you can have education without having a degree.

3. The Human Resources industry is changing

We are increasingly experiencing a more human form of the workplace. HR Managers are welcomed to the board, and HR departments are run by professionals and not by administrators and operations department as previously. Due to emerging technology, people are becoming increasingly aware of the ruthless recruitment industry which must be separated from the HR department. A recruiter works for a company who is the paying client. The recruiter needs to see as many and as suitable people as possible to fill the role, and let the rest back into the pool. That pool is a massive opportunity. Theres plenty of suitable fish in the sea, the question is for what? When you are out of work, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself, if you can afford it, and these days you can. If there is a will there is a way. As the world is over populating, we need to collectively fill gaps and find ways to be more efficient.

“My vision is a healthier and happier future workforce, where people do what they love and love what they do.”

 We dream, believe, create, and deliver – a  new vision for our future.


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