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PR Thinking is the Future

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It is always good to know you work in a forward thinking field that people believe in, PR Thinking is the future.

According to a study conducted by European business school Mediaschool Group, 70 percent of current marketing students believe that, in 10 years, marketing will focus on content marketing and “PR thinking”—a focus on building brand recognition and image, and on inspiring customer trust. Further, 80 percent anticipate the demise of stand-alone social media services firms and digital marketing agencies.

That means that tomorrows CEO’s & CMO’s believe that customers will continue to look for:

  1. Ideal public relations (building relationships based on two way communication and trust)
  2. Trust in the customer as an individual with an opinion, decision making ability, and their own brain with knowledge of what is best for them
  3. Brand recognition, meaning, and image – what does the brand represent, and how does that representation have a common meaning to the buyer?

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